pexels-nappy-1058959Going Abroad Again

RYGF is committed to connecting attendees to ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible opportunities to go abroad again in their post-graduate careers.  You can trust that the post-graduate programs promoted by RYGF meet the committee’s standards of ethical global engagement and business practices, environmental, fiscal, and operational sustainability, and socially responsible organizations.

thought-catalog-505eectw54k-unsplashReflecting On Your Experiences

With reflection you forge a deeper understanding of the connections, complexities, consequences, opportunities, etc. that make up our global community. Through conscious and intentional analyzation of your experience, you will develop greater insight about yourself and the impact of your study abroad experience will be enhanced.

joshua-earle-wfwqmoyfkkm-unsplash-1Becoming A Global Citizen

A Global Citizen is aware of the global community and has a sense of their own role as a world citizen. Students will learn how to incorporate cross-cultural skills into their personal, academic, and professional lives to make a positive global impact.

anete-lusina-rfkbuwlg_wq-unsplashStudy Abroad in Your Career

Students will develop skills to be able to articulate their study abroad experience(s) to potential employers. Students will learn how to market their experience on a resume, cover letter, and in an interview.