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2018 Call For Proposals!

Session proposals for 2018 are now open!
Deadline extended to Sunday, August 12, 2018!

We welcome all ideas!

Sessions will last 50 minutes.

The conference will provide a platform for students to network and make sense of their study abroad experience after they have returned home. Our goal is to inspire and educate returnees on how to successfully integrate their international experience in all facets of their academic, personal and professional lives. You are encouraged to submit proposals on a broad range of topics related to the themes listed below.

Your session topic should satisfy one of these themes:

  • Going Abroad Again
    (For example, session topics might include: “How To Apply for International Fellowships”, “Teaching Abroad”, “WWOOFing, Couch Surfing & Other Creative Ways To Go Abroad Again”)
  • Reflecting On Your Experiences
    (For example, session topics might include: “Creatively Capturing & Displaying Your Time Abroad: Alternatives to Scrapbooking”, “On The Road Again: Coping with Re-Entry Stress Through Travel Writing”, “Reverse Culture Shock: What, When & How to Cope”)
  • Study Abroad in Your Career
    (For example, session topics might include: “Building a Global Career & Global Network in the U.S.”, “More Than It Was Awesome: How To Use Your Study Abroad Experience in Your Resume and Job Interview”)
  • Becoming A Global Citizen
    (For example, session topics might include: “Become A Global Ambassador: Encourage Others to go Abroad”, “Continued Language and Intercultural Education”, “Use Study Abroad to Engage in Your Community”, “Keep The International Connections Alive: Keeping in Touch with Your Host Country”)

To submit your proposal, complete the form below.

The deadline for session proposals is Sunday, August 12, 2018. 



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