2019 Conference Schedule

The 3nd annual ROC Your Global Future conference was hosted at St. John Fisher College on November 9, 2019. Thank you to all of our attendees, presenters and sponsors for making it such a success!

Each year the conference focuses breakout sessions around four themes. Breakout sessions allow students to choose which topics are of most interest to them.  There was two blocks of breakout sessions during the conference with presentations covering a variety of topics. Below was the 2019 conference schedule with session descriptions.

The conference had two breakout sessions focusing around four themes:

  • Going Abroad Again
  • Reflecting on Your Experience
  • Study Abroad in Your Career
  • Becoming A Global Citizen

conference schedule:

10:00-10:30 |  Registration/Breakfast/Resume Review
10:30-10:40 |  Welcome
10:40-11:20 |  Plenary Speaker

Yasmin Mattox

Raised in Harlem, NYC, and now happily living in Upstate NY, Yasmin Mattox has greatly benefited from the opportunity she’s had to be immersed in different environments, and be exposed to a wealth of ideas from different vantage points. Trained in the social sciences, specifically Political Science and then International Affairs, with a focus on Transatlantic Relations and Counter-Terrorism Strategies, Yasmin is a proponent of better understanding the global landscape and using a historical and interdisciplinary approach to more successfully anticipate what the future may bring. She’s worked in the legal, mental health, renewable energy (hydrogen fuel cell), research, and higher education fields. In 2017, she founded Arkatecht, a company creating digital professional advancement tools tailored to the needs and aspirations of working parents. The company was founded in large part as a result of her own struggles with professional advancement after becoming a mother, and her need to ensure such struggles don’t continue to become others’, and certainly won’t be her daughters’ dilemmas years down the road.

11:30-12:20 |  Session 1

  • “Global Careers at Home or Abroad in the Public Sector”
  • “More than just a Fullbright: Study Abroad Scholarships and Fellowships”
  • “Storytelling After Studying Abroad”
  • “Perspectives on Working Abroad in Education”
  • “Not Just a Semester at the Beach: Professionalizing your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume”
  • “Learning About Ourselves While Serving Others and Global Citizens”

12:30-1:50   |  Lunch/Networking/Resume Review
2:00-2:50     |  Session 2

  • “Not Just a Semester at the Beach: Professionalizing your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume”
  • “Fullbright and Peace Corps Opportunities”
  • “From WWOOFing to Working: A Sampling of Post- Graduation Opportunities Abroad”
  • “Global Citizenship: Making it Last”
  • “Why Doesn’t Anybody Care? Processing Your Experiences Abroad at Home”

3:00-3:30     |  Closing ceremony

For session descriptions, click here.