2017 Conference Schedule


Breakout sessions allow students to choose which topics are of most interest to them. There will be three blocks of breakout sessions during the conference with presentations covering a variety of topics taking place during each block.

Breakout sessions revolve around four themes:

  • Going Abroad Again
  • Reflecting on Your Experience
  • Study Abroad in Your Career
  • Becoming A Global Citizen

Breakout Sessions I

  • “Translating Your International Experience: Personally, Professionally & Academically”
  • “Finding Your Language: Talking About Study Abroad in Resumes, Cover Letters & Professional Interviews”
  • “Bitten by the Travel Bug: Creative Ways to Go Abroad Again”
  • “Abroad at Home: Navigating the Social & Emotional Aspects of Re-Entry”
  • “Beyond Vacation: How to Unpack Your Short-Term Experience Abroad to Find Deeper Meaning”

Keynote Speaker: Glenn L. McClure – “Be A Global Listener”

Breakout Sessions II

  • “5 Ways to Have a meaningful Experience Abroad After College”
  • “Working in the Field of International Education”
  • “Effective Storytelling in Study Abroad”
  • “Is Teaching Abroad For You? Things You Don’t Know (But Should)”

Breakout Sessions III

  • “Working Abroad: General Things to Consider”
  • “Study Abroad Fellowships & Scholarships”
  • “Not Your Mother’s Scrapbooking”
  • “Make It Last: Extend the Impactful Experience of Study Abroad Long After You Return”
  • “Incorporating Study & Work Abroad Into Your Career”